Shaolin Temple school blessing the weddings

The Shaolin Temple Chinese Lion Dance Troupe has performed in and around California since 1995 in such places as Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, the L.A. Convention, Disneyland, Staple Center, Home Depot Center, USC, UCLA, Loyola University, Cal State Dominguez, Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Riverside. We perform for the festivals of Los Angeles Chinese communities and in many local parades. The school is spokesman lion for Panda Express and the Tea House.

The main focus for our weddings are with the 5 elements of Chinese Feng Shui. So both the Bride and the Groom are blessed and balanced thru the 5 elements. This way the couple has a good start in life as a new couple. The costuming of the northern lion represents the lion dog or fu dog. This creature was known for protection and loyalty. Southern lion is a composite of many magical and mythical elements. Its five colors: black, red, green, white, and yellow represent the lions control over the five directions: north, south, east, west, and center. Its curved horn is from the phoenix; the ears and tail are from the unicorn; its protruding forehead, adorned with a mirror to dispel evil, and its long beard are from the dragon. Throughout the performance, the lion walks in a zigzag path in order to confuse evil spirits, which are only able to walk in straight lines. All these elements are meant to dispel bad chi, provide blessing, and guard against misfortune


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